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With love from Sayalonga Andalusia

Solazhome Luxury Villa

An invitation to a fabulous holiday to relax, to chill, to have fun and experience the splendours of beautiful Andalusia:
The spectacular sea view, the majestic mountains, the excellent food, the rich cultural past, etc. And on top of that: Malaga region has been voted many times over the ‘happiest and healthiest and most trendy place’ in Spain.

Solazhome will provide you with that so much needed peace of mind, relaxation, joy and happiness you are always looking for when going on holiday. The whole experience will build great memories that you will remember forever.

  • large
    swimming pool

  • spacious
    living room

  • comfy double

  • modern


Solazhome Highlights

The Magic of “Feel at home”

Solazhome was built with a cubistic touch to offer wide open views on the blue sea and the surrounding mighty mountains.

The Magic of “Nature”

More than ever people want to enjoy and reconnect with mother nature or simply have forgotten the sound of silence.

The Magic of a “Luxury Pool”

The swimming pool is set in a lush garden with exotic palm trees and tropical plants and offers nice views of the Mediterranean.

The Magic of a “Great Location”

Solazhome has the perfect location for heading to the beach, exciting excursions and shopping.

With love from Sayalonga Andalusia

Solazhome Villa

Solazhome is offering you all modern comfort to succeed in having a great holiday!!
But most important "It is here" that we invite you to come home and feel great with your family, with your friends, and with yourself ! !

House Features


A space full of light, from end to end the sunlight streams in and out.

The best locality

Location & Neighbouring


    Closest whitewashed village

    3 Km

    Closest beach

    10 Km

    Balcony of Europe

    18 Km

    Vibrant city and birthplace of Picasso

    42 Km

    The Alhambra awaits

    115 Km

    The most impressive old mosque

    200 Km

    The outstanding capital of Andalucia

    240 Km

Flights to Malaga

Car Hire

Is indeed most reliable, good pick up at airport, multilingual, etc

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